Board of Directors

Baofang Jin
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Baofang Jin is the executive chairman and chairman of JA Solar; he has been the chairman of the board of directors since May 2005.

Mr. Jin has also been the chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Jinglong Group since 2003.

Mr. Jin currently serves as vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Ningjin County, vice president of Hebei Chamber of Commerce, vice chairman of Hebei Association of Entrepreneurs, executive chairman of Hebei Information Industry Association, chairman of Electronic Information Materials Sub-Association of Hebei Information Industry and Informatization Association, etc..

Mr. Jin has served in several positions during his career, including director of executive office of Ningjin County Agricultural Equipment Bureau, manager of Ningjin County Agricultural Equipment Supply Company, director general and secretary of the Party committee of Ningjin County Bureau of Power, secretary of the Party committee of Ningjin County Power Supply Company as well as other posts.

Mr. Jin was awarded National Model Worker, Model Worker of Hebei Province, National "Wuyi" Work Medal, Outstanding Entrepreneur of Hebei Province, etc., and was the deputy to the 10th and 11th National People's Congress.

Mr. Jin holds an associate's degree from Hebei Broadcast and Television University in China.
Bingyan Ren

Mr. Bingyan Ren has been the director since May 2005.

Mr. Ren also serves as the vice-chairman of Jinglong Group.

Prior to becoming JA Solar’s board director, Mr. Ren was a professor of semiconductor materials and photovoltaic materials at the Hebei University of Technology from 1972 to May 2005.

Mr. Ren currently is a member of the semiconductor material academic committee of China and a member of semiconductor standardization technical committee of China. He also serves as a vice-director of semiconductor material research institute of Hebei University of Technology and a consultant to Hebei Ningjin Monocrystalline Silicon Industry Park.

Mr. Ren graduated from North Jiaotong University, China, in July 1970.
Erying Jia

Mr. Erying Jia was appointed as the director in September 2007.

Mr. Jia is currently an executive deputy general manager and director of JingLong Industry and Commerce Group Co., Ltd. ("JingLong Group"), JA Solar's largest supplier, which is also owned by the shareholders of JA Solar's largest shareholder, Jinglong Group, Co., Ltd.

Mr. Jia has held several administrative positions in Ningjin County of Hebei Province, China.
Yuhong Fan

Mr. Fan has been our director since March 2015. He has also served as our vice president from July 2011 to February 2017, the general manager of Solar Silicon Valley from January 2010 to December 2015, and the deputy general manager of Jinglong Group from July 2009 to February 2017. Mr. Fan started his career at Jinglong Group and has held various managerial positions at Jinglong Group and within JA Solar overseeing multiple facets of our manufacturing operations, including wafer production, processing and quality assurance. Mr. Fan graduated from Hebei Broadcast and Television University, China, in June 1997.
Jian Xie

Mr. Jian Xie was appointed president in December 2013. He has been a board director since August 2009.

Since joining JA Solar in April 2006, Mr. Xie has served in such capacities as the company's director of corporate finance, director of investor relations, assistant to the chief executive officer, secretary of the board of directors, and chief operating officer.

Prior to joining JA Solar, Mr. Xie worked in the investment banking department of Ping'an Securities Co., Ltd., and as an associate in the investment department at Dogain Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xie received his master's degree in finance from Guanghua School of Management at Beijing University in 2004.
Hope Ni
Independent Director

Ms. Hope Ni was appointed as the independent director in August 2009.

Ms. Ni has served as chairman of the board of directors for China Fundamental Acquisition Corp. since March 2008. She currently also serves on the boards of KongZhong Corporation and ATA, Inc.

Previously, Ms. Ni was chief financial officer and director of Comtech Group Inc., a Nasdaq Select Global Market-listed company that she joined in August 2004. She was also vice chairman of the board of directors of Comtech. Prior to that, Ms. Ni spent six years as a practicing attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP in New York and Hong Kong, specializing in corporate finance, including active involvement in the initial public offerings and New York Stock Exchange/Nasdaq listings of a number of major global China-based companies. Earlier in her career, Ms. Ni worked at Merrill Lynch's investment banking division in New York.

Ms. Ni received her J.D. degree from University of Pennsylvania Law School and her B.S. degree in Applied Economics and Business Management from Cornell University.
Jiqing Huang
Independent Director

Mr. Jiqing Huang was appointed as the independent director in August 2009.

Mr. Huang has extensive experience in the research and manufacturing of monocrystalline silicon and related products. He currently serves as a committee member at the Academic Committee of Semi-conductive Materials of the Nonferrous Metals Society of China.

From 2001 to 2007, Mr. Huang served as chief representative of the Beijing representative office of Space Energy Corporation, where he pioneered the introduction of the TDR-80 monocrystalline puller into China and subsequent modifications to improve its efficiency. Prior to his engagement at Space Energy Corporation, Mr. Huang was director of manufacturing, chief engineer and deputy director of Beijing 605 Factory, as well as general manager of Beijing Mingcheng Optical & Electronic Material Co., Ltd.

Mr. Huang graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology (now Southeast University) in 1962.
Yuwen Zhao
Independent Director

Mr. Yuwen Zhao has extensive experience in the study of high efficiency solar cell and solar energy materials. He is a well-known international solar industry expert, currently serving as vice chairman of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association and is a director of international solar energy industry associations such as PVSEC and WCPEC. Since 1978, Mr. Zhao has been vice chairman, chief engineer, director of academy committee and chief scientist of Beijing Solar Energy Institute. He is also a member of the editorial board of Solar Energy Journal. Prior to his engagement at Beijing Solar Energy Institute, Mr. Zhao was a researcher in the Institute of Mechanics in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 501 Institute of Ministry of Aerospace Industry. He is also the founder of Chinese National New Energy Engineering Research Center. Mr. Zhao graduated from Tianjin University in 1964 and studied in Germany in 1990 and 1991.
Shaohua Jia
Independent Director

Mr. Jia was appointed as the independent director in October 2012.

Mr. Jia is an academic committee member of the China Taxation Association, as well as an executive member of the Beijing Taxation Association. He also serves as vice chairman of the China Financial and Tax Law Institute. Mr. Jia worked as chief editor of the China Tax Publishing House from 2006 to 2011. Prior to that, he held the posts of deputy director of the State Taxation Administration of Hainan province and president of the Yangzhou Tax Institute, under the State Administration of Taxation.

Mr. Jia has made a significant contribution to the areas of tax and enterprise management in China, and has published a large number of papers and monographs.

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